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One of the most important things to us is that you and your student feels comfortable and knows exactly what will happen from day one. That’s why each and every session begins with an in-person consultation with the student and parent (for K-12 students and high school seniors, we ask that the parents to be involved through the entire process). We go over what to expect through the entire process and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We then provide a questionnaire that we ask the student to fill out and return to us along with the session fee. This questionnaire helps us to get to know the student better by posing questions regarding his or her favorite things and activities. The answers to these questions help us tailor the session to the student in order to bring out his or her uniqueness and personailty!

The next step is to schedule the sessions. Each student receives 2 photo sessions…one outdoor and one in-studio. Once the shooting is complete, we will schedule a date and time for your viewing and product order session at our studio. When we meet at that scheduled time, we will review all of the photos from both sessions and you will be presented with samples of available products. All sessions are also posted in a password-protected client gallery on this website where family and friends can view and order online.

That’s it! An easy process that’s fun for everyone, and a fantastic way to capture the memories of your amazing student!



10 Fun Facts About Chris…

1 – The fall of 2015 was Chris’ 10th season as the official photographer for the Clemson University Tiger Band (see his work on our companion site!

2 – Chris plays percussion, drums, trumpet, trombone, french horn, and sings at Taylors First Baptist Church.

3 – Chris thinks Walt Disney World truly is the happiest place on earth! He has visited Disney World more than 20 times!

4 – Chris has lived in 7 states: South Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee, and Virginia.

5 – Internationally, Chris has traveled to Mexico, the Bahamas, Romania, Belize, the US Virgin Islands, St. Maarten (N.A.), Bonaire (N.A.), and the Cayman Islands.

6 – Chris recently caught over 20 pounds of largemouth bass in just under 45 minutes!

7 – Chris has been a certified openwater scuba diver for 27 years, and has explored the waters of the Bahamas, Cozumel, Hawaii, Bonaire, and the Cayman Islands. Some of his undersea photography work can be found on our Facebook page!

8 – As a student musician at Clemson University, Chris performed twice at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

9 – Chris has an unhealthy obsession with Major League Baseball and college football.

10 – Chris was on the wrestling team in high school. He competed in the 98-pound weight class!