Meet Matthew, former student and varsity lacrosse player at JL Mann High School in Greenville! Matthew is an amazing young man. He came to us at the end of his senior year, and we were able to get some FANTASTIC shots of him, both in-studio and on the lacrosse field at the high school. His parents Mike and Lynn have been long-time personal acquaintances and friends of Imagine! Studios, so as you might guess, we were thrilled to have this opportunity!

We began with a session on the field at the high school. The weather was PERFECT, and the clouds in the sky made the lighting just right. We got some GREAT action shots including the dynamic one you see first in this blog post. Very edgy and intimidating, as any competitive athlete should be!

At the conclusion of the outdoor session, we came into the studio for a VERY fun indoor shoot. We cut loose a bit with some fun poses, and we even set the lacrosse ball on fire! Pyromania is always fun, right? 🙂 We added in some cool digital backgrounds on a few of the images to complement the color and style of his fun personality.

 Matthew is currently attending Tri County Technical College as a student in the Clemson University BRIDGE program. He will enroll at Clemson next fall and study audio technology and communications. After college, he aspires to do technical sound production in the music and sports industries in both live and broadcast environments.

Enjoy these fun photos from Matthew’s session!

Matthew tosses the lacrosse ball with his goalie stick

Matthew smiles for a full torso shot in his letter jacket

Matthew makes a cool pose with his lacrosse stick during his studio shoot

Matthew sits on a stool with his lacrosse stick in his lap

Matthew resting his lacrosse stick on his shoulder

Matthew lying on the lacrosse field for a senior portrait

Matthew poses in his lacrosse stance

Matthew wearing his lacrosse helmet

Matthew holds a burning lacrosse ball

Matthew dressed in full lacross gear minus the helmet

Matthew smiles for a closeup in his letter jacket

Matthew shows the back of his jersey while resting his stick across his shoulders


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